Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Halloween 2009

Halloween this past year was really fun for me and Cody. We got to dress Blake up and take her trick or treating. We started the night out at our friends, the Muguerza's, house. We took a few pictures with all the girls (Addy - 4 weeks, Blake - 3 months, Paxton - 5 months) together for their first Halloween. Then we went over to Jamie and Scott's house for a little trick or treating fun! We had a blast!!!!

Trick or Treating!

Braxton and Blake had matching outfits!!!

Jamie with "Boo boo" and Blake...notice the matching outfits again!

The whole gang!
Katie and Matt with baby Addy, Me and Cody with baby Blake, and Kama and Erik with baby Paxton!!

The girls!

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